The blog title? Explain

I was fortunate to have this poem published at Mad Hatter’s Review Blog this past August. It’s kind of crazy, and that’s just what the editors like, so I guess it works. I’ve always been fascinated by diaspora. The word feels good in the mouth when I say it. It’s a bitter concept. Recently, I also had the good fortune of becoming part of the Fictionaut community, and this poem seemed to have been well received. I hope you will enjoy it, along with my future posts. Feel free to comment on anything you’d like. It doesn’t all have to be about poetry, but sometimes poetry seems like all there is.


Any migration is forced

Gravity’s not downward

but a pull between. If
you’re bigger than me,
I’m gonna come to you

just how it works. Don’t
mind the plastic caddy of
Lysols, my multigrain will
replace your white inflammation.

Let’s put some shades over
the bare hanging. I’m not
going to change you I
promise: I’ll wait up.

Any migration is forced.
Diaspora is how I show
I care. Remember: I’m the
one who had to assimilate.

It’s what was best. For you.