Mad Rush

by saracomito

Update:Mad Rush is on indefinite hiatus. Check the status at Duotrope
Update: the first issue is available [here].

As the name implies, this new literary magazine is becoming an epicenter of activity. Poet Craig Scott managed to generate a real mystique for the entity before it even was an entity. He received a deluge of submissions for the first issue. So many, in fact, he extended the deadline more than once to accommodate the quality literature flooding his inbox.

It’s easy to understand why. Aside from being a Facebook buzz wizard, Craig’s no fly-by-nighter. Working under his nom de plume, he edits the now-seasoned Ten Pages Press, which publishes 10-page e-chapbooks, and is an accomplished writer himself, whose work I know many of the contributors admire. You can find out more about him by listening to this interview with Vox Poetica’s Annmarie Lockhart, as part of the 15 Minutes of Poetry feature on BlogTalkRadio.

Mad Rush will be published this spring in real-life paper format! Find out more at its web site, including the line-up for the first issue, and the striking front and back cover photography by David Tomaloff and Eleanor Leonne Bennett. I am pleased to be part of the line-up and will post updates with ordering links and other information as they become available.