The typo writ large

Writers at one time or another run into a situation where, for some reason, a piece gets printed incorrectly. We can rage against inanimate objects, cry into our Haagen Dazs or idly threaten seppuku. Or we can get over it. It took me a while, but I am getting over it.

My poem “Pristine Creature” is the first to appear in the very first issue of Do Hookers Kiss?, a print journal of erotic literature and art hailing from the UK. When I wrote the poem, it manifested first on some coffee-splattered sticky notes and remained in an untidy drawer for years. Children, gather round and hear this tale: if you want to grow up to be a rich and famous poet someday, learn how to organize your work better. If you don’t treat your craft with its due respect how can you expect anyone else to?
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