Any migration is forced

Poetry by Sara Fitzpatrick Comito

Month: May, 2013

Small poetry

red-snooker-ballWhat’s your smallest poem? I mean in terms of square footage. If you were to go to work at Neidecker’s “condensary (from which there is no layoff),” what flavor would be your pulpy concentrate? Orange, persimmon, rage, wonder?

Short, Fast, and Deadly has long been a contemporary standard-bearer of micro-mini prose and poetry, and following is one of two poems editor Joseph A. Quintela was kind enough to include in that vibrant channel for the mighty small. Read the rest of this entry »


Mommy, am I a fantasy writer?

Check off this box under things I never thought would happen: being published in a fantasy/science fiction magazine. As usual, I didn’t arrive at this particular milestone via the most direct manner. I had to address some deeply ingrained prejudices first. Everyone has them and that’s ok. It’s how you acknowledge them and proceed to live a healthy, well rounded life that counts. It’s a lot of work.

When I think about fantasy or scifi, an image such as this comes to mind: Read the rest of this entry »