Sticker shock

There isn’t a lot I know about electro convulsive therapy. Public figures who have spoken about their success with it have helped me understand it’s not the meninges-shattering atrocity delivered to Kesey’s characters in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. And I also have a writer friend who says he needs it. I believe him. I don’t think many people would seek out such a procedure just on a whim.

One thing I do know is it’s expensive, exceeding the six-figure salaries of some Hollywood nannies. So if you can spare a couple of bucks – and he says he’ll get there $1 at a time if he has to – consider contributing to David Haase’s ECT fundraiser. If you’re an artist or writer, submit some work for inclusion in David’s online fundraiser anthology. Maybe some new people will see your work, and you give an interesting experience to visitors to the site. In the end, if we can help a friend feel better, then I think that’s worth it, don’t you?

Contact David at and find out more about some terrific premiums being offered for certain spending brackets. And you won’t have to spend much. I got my signed copy of Howie Good’s Personal Myths from Writing Knights Press for 10 bucks, including shipping! Writing can be competitive. But writers, in my experience, are largely supportive of each other. I’m lucky to have support. And I hope you’ll lend yours to a friend in need.