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Poetry by Sara Fitzpatrick Comito

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Jen Knox at Sunday Salon

Looking for a long (ish) short story to rock your world on a Wednesday evening? You would do well at Sunday Salon, with Jen Knox’s knockout of a piece, A Handbook for Single Mothers. Go pour yourself a nice cup of tea and have a satisfying read.


The Big List

Right Hand Pointing has published 700 authors and artists, and counting! Founder and poetry editor Dale Wisely posted this little tidbit at the Right Hand Pointing/White Knuckle Press Facebook page the other day. Take a look at the RHP “Big List.” You’ll likely recognize some familiar names there if you’re a frequent reader of Orion headless. It’s a small world when it comes to good art. But it’s also a big, vibrant community. If you’re not yet familiar with Right Hand Pointing, in addition to excellent, extremely succinct writing, they also have the best submissions guidelines in the biz, presented as a multimedia presentation. pointing hand vintage image graphicsfairy1